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One of the most popular types of Calgary martial arts is Taekwondo. This type managed to gather several thousand followers in the country, all people being interested in the fighting and health benefits brought buy it. Taekwondo regularly occurs in world championships and continental competitions. The word “Taekwondo” (“TAE” – foot, “KWON” – punch, “DO” – path) has been proposed as the type of designation in Korean wrestling (1955), reflecting the fact that in Taekwondo more than 70% of strokes are applied with feet and only about 30% with hands.

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Taekwondo is an ancient Korean self-defense art that exists and is known for more than 2000 years. But Varan teachers often became Buddhist monks, some of them being preserved in this position even today. One of the founders of this melee system was monk Von Hio. Another monk – Von Kan – developed code of honor of the varan soldier called Hvaran-Do. Many researchers thought that hvaran-do served as the basis for the formation of the samurai code of honor known – Busi-do. The basic moral postulates of Taekwondo refer the following:
– Be loyal to his king and authority;
– To be obedient to their parents;
– Be honest and sincere friends;
– Not to withdraw combat.

Varan arsenal includes more than 20 basic positions, different methods for hands and feet performed in positions to fall in leaps through tumbles, throws and deforestation. Analysis of these methods show that the varans’ combat system was like a summary of the types of national struggle in shaolin USU.

In the ninth century, when Silla state decay varan art, they little by little falling prey to oblivion. The next stage of development relies in the establishment of the Korean dictatorship. Thus appeared different styles of self defense schools, which are mostly a result of the extension in tradition regarding the ancient Korean art of fighting.

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Long struggle of the Korean people and interventions Mongolian Chinese and Japanese also left its imprint on the development of the arts of the Korean art of fighting. But being “exported bayonets” types of Chinese and Japanese fighting arts, these are not well accommodated in Korea, which is very natural, although it is evident influence the types of Korean fighting arts. The Japanese invasion of Korea in the years 1909-1945 he helped develop the original Korean culture, including the art of fighting.

Only after the liberation of Korea in 1945, Taekwondo became practicable once again due to the efforts of both the older masters and specialists of the younger generation. The largest contribution to the formation and development of Taekwondo are brought by representatives Mudukkvan styles, including Ciundokvan, Iunmukvan and Sunmunkvan, which formed in 1953 the Korean Union Tansu-Do.

If you want to learn more about Taekwondo and the unique fighting system behind it which is not focused on violence, make sure to sign up for Calgary martial arts courses.

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