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Delivery is the step where the vehicle is given to the customer after all the paperwork is filled out, payments are taken or financing arranged and the customer receives the keys and temporary license to place on the car. Automotive car sales training cannot neglect this step. Ensure that salespeople know how to fill out paperwork so that the car title processes correctly and quickly, so that there are no problems with the loan or check clearing, that the vehicle is in pristine condition when delivered and all critical items are in place before the customer drives off the lot with a street-legal vehicle. Automotive sales training cannot skip the legal processes and back offices necessary to properly secure the deal, or the sweet taste of a good deal and cool car is replaced by the lifetime of horror stories of the title that was messed up, the warranty that didn’t register correctly or car loan gone wrong.

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When you live in a neighborhood of three bedroom, two bath single family homes, your one bathroom house has a disadvantage on the market. In this case, adding a second bathroom improves the home’s value, though you’ll only recoup around 90% of its value. However, if the house has the standard number of bathrooms for the neighborhood, adding yet another one has almost no ROI.

Renovating an existing bathroom has a good rate of return if it is done right. For example, replacing leaking, rusted fixtures with new ones is a low cost, high value proposition. Replacing single sinks with dual sinks, installing architectural glass with premium lighting, swapping out boring shower heads with ones featuring massage and body spray options and ripping out carpeting for never-moldy tile are worth the cost. Remodeling a bathroom so that the toilet or shower has improved access for those with limited mobility is certainly cheaper than relying on home health aids to assist someone with going to the bathroom.

And always hire an expert in home renovations in Chilliwack and Abbotsford for projects like Master Painting instead of trying to do it yourself or relying on a plumber for a project that should involve a host of building professionals.


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